Temperature Measurement Face Recognition Terminal

Product Overview

Model VNTM-213HBT (bundle)
Appearance Face recognition  + Temperature module
Shell FR Terminal: Plastic/ Temperature module: Metal
Temperature Measurement 0.1℃ accuracy, 0.3℃ deviation, 1cm-3cm distance
Camera Dual 2MP
Screen 7 inch touch screen
Built-in card reader YES
Face Capacity 10,000
Installation Wall mountedFloor-stand installation(external bracket required)

Temperature measurement


  • Safety, no direct contact with the target.
  • Small size with high reliability.
  • Accurate measurement and support dynamic & static signals detection.
  • High efficiency, 20-30 people/min.
  • Temperature range: 30℃-45℃
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1℃
  • Temperature deviation: 0.3℃
  • Measurement distance: 1cm-3cm
  • Application situation: Indoor(10℃-45℃), no wind


High Performance

Highlight Feature – Temperature Measurement

  • Real-time temperature detection and screen display.
  • High temperature voice alarm.
  • Snap photos and overlay temperature OSD information.
  • Privacy mode: Only measure wrist temperature, not capturing face image
  • Support face recognition with mask.
  • UI can indicate whether he/she is wearing a mask or not.
  • Voice alarm for those who do not wear a mask.

Restful API for 3rd Party Software Integration

Restful API interface includes:

  • Device info, database info, etc.
  • Create database, delete database.
  • Add people to database, delete people from database.
  • Records real-time upload, including captured image.
  • Temperature information and whether he/she is wearing a mask

Typical Application Scenario

By automatic face recognition and temperature measurement process, this solution could be applied in various scenarios, such as school, enterprise, community, super market, shopping mall, construction sites and bank, etc.





Construction site

Why wrist, not forehead?
  • More accurate: wrist is in sleeves, that’s better than forehead, especially in winter.
  • Easy to measure:  arms is much more flexible than head.
  • Easy to install: forehead measurement requires temperature module aiming at forehead. But wrist measurement not.


  • Require indoor situation. Do not guarantee accuracy at outdoor situation.
  • Industry-level infrared sensor, 0.5℃ deviation. Not medical-level product.
  • Born for abnormal temperature person preliminary inspect. Medical-level product should re-examine abnormal temperature people after preliminary inspect.

Features and Specification

Key Features
  • Non-contact detection of wrist temperature
  • Support body temperature detection
  • Deep learning algorithm provides face recognition accuracy rate > 99%, false rate < 1%
  • Built-in deep learning supports 10,000 face capacity
  • Fastest recognition time 0.2 seconds
  • Anti-spoofing detection based on deep learning algorithm.
  • Support face metering and human metering
  • Support face, card, and QR code authentication to control door open
  • Built-in 4G EMMC front end storage
  • Tamper protection, support door open timeout and time exceed alarm function to keep door opening during fire alarm active


Features Parameter Description
Operation System Linux
Face Recognition Accuracy Rate >99%
Face Recognition Time 200ms
Face Capacity 10,000
Event Capacity 8,000 (with images)
Measurement Range 30℃-45℃
Door Opening Method Face, Password, QR code, Card
Power Supply

Power Consumption


Input 12V±25% DC
Terminal: 10W
Module: 756mW
Terminal: 641g
Module: 131g
Screen Touch Screen, Size:7 inch, Resolution: 600×1024
Camera Dual Lens, 2MP, 1080P
Dimensions (L×W×H) For terminal: 134.0mm×33.0mm×305.0mm
For module: 87.0mm×45.0mm×27.0mm
Protection Level Both terminal and module: IP 54
Application Situation Indoor, No wind

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