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Vido Electronic Vertriebs GmbH, also known as VIDO.AT, started in 2005 as a CCTV Cameras and PTZ equipments OEM manufacturer.

VIDO.AT started a very large expansion process and this rapid growth brought the company to become one of the leading OEM / ODM players in the video security business for major brands in each industry. This was achieved through significant technology partnership and own PTZ mechanism.

Today’s quality, reliability and flexibility, combined with top technology partners such as Sony, Tamron and Ambarella, are the main key factors of VIDO.AT’s world wide business success.


The success of VIDO.AT arises out of the best price-performance-ratio that the market has to offer. There are many reasons to how we managed to soar above our competitors. We provide our unequaled know-how in the video surveillance industry, as well as continuous innovation of our products and most efficient and rapid supply in order to keep our individual customers content. The quality of our products is of utmost importance to us, which is the reason for our long-term partnerships with pleased and valued customers. We feature customized product designs at unbeatable pricing and tailored solutions to any given demand. VIDO.AT stands for impeccable quality, customer service one has yet to experience, and worldwide on-point ship.



The rising market for video surveillance needs to be stimulated by shortening the path from production to customer. This will keep the demand soaring. Further improved customized designs, requested by key customers are to be fulfilled with highest quality standards. Reasonable pricing for both products and services are offered as we see the importance of keeping a win-win partnership for customers, as well as ourselves.

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